Next Steps

Phase 1: Spring 2022 (Jan-Mar)

  • Instructional Technology creates resources and resource courses in Canvas to help staff migrate

  • Introduce Canvas to district leadership teams

  • Curriculum Coordinators and Coaches begin migrating curriculum courses and content

  • Integrate existing digital tools into the Canvas LMS

  • Begin communication campaign for LMS transition, inform staff

  • Deliver first professional development on Canvas to teachers

Phase 2: Spring 2022 (Mar-May)

  • Continue communication campaign for LMS transition, inform students and parents

  • Teachers can take self-paced NISD Canvas 101 course to familiarize themselves with the LMS

  • Finalize migration of curriculum and professional development courses to Canvas

  • IT and C&I teams will collaborate to create summer PD options for teachers that utilize Canvas

Phase 3: Summer 2022 (June-July)

  • Canvas focus added to technology onboarding during new hire training

  • Remove student access to Moodle and put notice on Moodle that it is no longer the district LMS

  • Provide professional development opportunities and continue offering self-paced Canvas 101 course

Phase 4: Summer 2022 (July-Aug)

  • Offer professional development during ENGAGE and new teacher training

  • Required beginning of year Canvas training for all staff at campuses that includes Canvas requirements

  • Provide resources for beginning of year activities such as cross-listing courses and using templates

  • Annual required trainings for all staff delivered in Canvas

Phase 5: Fall 2022

  • Begin school year with new LMS

  • Provide Introduction to Canvas resource to students and parents

  • Canvas focus added to technology proficiency courses for future hires

  • Moodle will remain accessible during the 2022-2023 school year for teachers to migrate any remaining content